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kraken tor is today's main dark web site

Recently, many have heard that a new online store called Kraken has opened on the darknet and this resource is becoming increasingly popular. Let's figure out what this site is and what is its main feature, why thousands of people visit its pages daily.

Kraken onion is a marketplace on the dark web for the sale of various goods and services. The peculiarity is that itself does not sell anything. This site offers stores to host and sell their products. Those. hundreds and thousands of stores place their page on the KRAKEN and publish products that sell. The buyer enters the site, searches for the product he needs, selects the most optimal seller based on reviews and ratings, and makes a purchase.
Kraken is somewhat similar to our wildberry or ozone, only the goods are completely different. This approach to selling goods on the dark web is very convenient for users, since they do not need to look for the stores of each seller, compare them, buy goods that are suitable for the price, and the like. On krakentor, you can do all this on one page, which greatly speeds up the buying process. In addition, this resource provides complete confidentiality and you can not be afraid for your safety.